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We are dedicated to providing the union worker with the latest in hearing technology along with the the convenience you deserve. We have partnered with HearUSA to provide you with the hearing care you expect. Offices are conveniently located near you. Just click on the OFFICE LOCATOR above to find the hearing professional near you. 


You will be seen by an audiologist/hearing professional. All of our staff are licensed and insured. Our professional will test and evaluate your hearing. After you are tested the results will be explained to you. If there is a need for a hearing aid the professional will recommend the best aid for your hearing loss.


Once it is determined that a hearing loss exists the your hearing professional will assist you in selecting a style as well as color for your hearing aid. The aid(\(\(s) will be ordered and a fitting appointment will be set for your return to the office. At the fitting appointment (usually 1 week) you will have your aids professionally fit and given oral and written instructions on the use and care of the hearing aid(\(\(s).  


Your hearing professional will follow-up with you to be sure that you are hearing well. Follow-up appointments will be made to be sure that you are doing well and have the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have regarding your hearing and/or your hearing aid(\(\(s).

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